Resume 03 (2017)

Resume 03 (2017)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Resume 03
Label: Nuit Blanche Records
Style: Balearic, Downtempo, Soulful, Lounge
Release Date: 17-07-2017
Format: CD, Compilation
Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 30 Tracks
Size: 333 Mb / 02:25:09 Min

01. Divina Domus - Flotsam&Jetsam (Original Mix) 05:43
02. Monokromo - Refresher (Original Mix) 04:00
03. XA - Never Forgive (Original Mix) 03:16
04. Mojage - Time Goes By So Slowly (Original Mix) 03:42
05. Darker - Obscure (Original Mix) 04:21
06. Alexey Lisin & Valkiry Forrest - This World For You (Original Mix) 04:52
07. Brothers Dreamers - Inception (Original Mix) 02:57
08. Dashka - Self Portrait (Original Mix) 04:34
09. Placid Larry - End Of A Season (Original Mix) 04:03
10. Seven Wells - Forgotten Memory (Original Mix) 06:54
11. Weiyu Shen - Morning Call (Original Mix) 03:04
12. Chris Zent - A Beautiful Story (Original Mix) 05:07
13. Roc Morgan - Melancholic (Original Mix) 03:41
14. Proper Micro Nv - Flaws (Original Mix) 04:13
15. Dragontommy - Silence (Original Mix) 04:45
16. Splatik - Utopia (Original Mix) 04:42
17. Shapeless Lab - Strange State (Original Mix) 05:41
18. Dmitry Hertz - Come Back (Original Mix) 05:36
19. Filter Bear - Sosorom (Original Mix) 07:45
20. Dazzler - Must Be Love (Original Mix) 03:48
21. Junojuno - In Existence (Original Mix) 06:22
22. Audionoise - Be Story (Original Mix) 07:05
23. Mike D' Jais - So Now (Original Mix) 05:48
24. Gauss - Balearia (Original Mix) 04:41
25. Badador - It Talks It Listens (Original Mix) 03:55
26. Shatadru Sensharma - Au-Dela De L'eternite (Original Mix) 05:08
27. Loouuii$ - Summer Feeling (Original Mix) 04:06
28. Bitzer - Another (Original Mix) 03:23
29. Jaimo - Eros (Miles Dyson & Aaren San Makeover) 04:21
30. Sabino - Mistica (Original Mix) 07:21

Resume 03 (2017)
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Award winning DJ, Producer & Instrumentalist based in Ireland. Releases on Size Records Spinnin, CR2 and many more.Over the past few years Dashka has become established as one of Ireland's hottest exports in DJing & Producing. His productions have been signed to the biggest Global Record labels and have been the secret weapons of djs as varied as Steve Angello, Ales s o, John Acquaviva,, Filthy Rich, Chuckie,Ant Brooks & ATFC amongst many others.
Dmitry Hertz aka (Dmitry Alexandrov) began his career in 2008, experimenting with different genres of dance music. Dmitry Hertz is not limited to what that particular style in electronic music, loves to write melodic chillouta to hard and deep Techno. In his setah loves presence of dense and powerful sound. Before writing a track or mix-pack of Dmitry Hertz thinks every detail down to the last second. In writing their tracks Dmitry expresses his feelings: love, anger, joy, emotion. In writing as well resort to the use of your favorite synth Novation MiniNova.
Deriving from later idioms of acid house, the term was first used by the British music media to describe the more experimental variant of breakbeat emerging from the Bristol Sound scene, which contained influences of soul, funk and jazz.
Allmusic describes lounge as less adventurous than exotica or space age pop, but not as watered-down as Muzak. Instead, it occupied the middle ground, appealing to fans of traditional pop as well as space age pop.

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