Lucid Sounds Vol 23 (A Fine & Deep Sonic Flow Of Club House, Electro, Minimal & Techno)

Lucid Sounds Vol 23 (A Fine & Deep Sonic Flow Of Club House, Electro, Minimal & Techno)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Lucid Sounds Vol 23 A Fine & Deep Sonic Flow
Label: Lucidflow Records
Style: Electronica, Minimal & Techno, Downtempo, Deep House
Release Date: 09-05-2017
Format: CD, Compilation
Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 25 Tracks
Size: 454 Mb / 03:17:12 Min

01. Dub Taylor - Lamma 07:27
02. Klartraum - Flight To Berlin (Feat. Thalstroem) (Thalstroem Flight Club Live Mix) 09:17
03. Justin Berkovi - The Creator 06:16
04. Alex Boneti - Vanvan 06:27
05. Klartraum - Mirage (Ilias Katelanos Remix) 06:58
06. Nicke - Petrumode 07:38
07. Dub Taylor - Get Up Dub 07:01
08. Nicke - Brooklyn Swag 07:35
09. Justin Berkovi - Epilogue 07:12
10. Alex Boneti - Sfalte 10:39
11. Klartraum - Moogly (3Lias Funked Up Remix) 06:34
12. Klartraum - G-Park 11:21
13. Alex Boneti - Bitume 06:20
14. Klartraum - Dark Space Night (Justin Berkovi Remix) 06:57
15. Nicke - Dansa 09:30
16. Justin Berkovi - Berlin 04:57
17. Klartraum - Tiger Ride (Tonepushers Remix) 08:38
18. Alex Boneti - Stereo Type 08:42
19. Klartraum - Flight To Berlin (Feat. Thalstroem) (Mastercris Remix) 05:59
20. Justin Berkovi - Relude 06:53
21. Klartraum - Mirage 10:45
22. Nicke - Tattare 09:35
23. Klartraum - Traumwelt 09:00
24. Dub Taylor - Ten O'clock Dub 06:17
25. Helly Larson - Horizont 09:03

Lucid Sounds Vol 23 (A Fine & Deep Sonic Flow Of Club House, Electro, Minimal & Techno)
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Those times when you are lost on a dry ice blanketed dancefloor; the dense fog coloured with spherical hues of greens, pinks and blues, where human shaped silhouettes undulate haphazardly like distant waves on the horizon. Lucid Sounds, A Fine & Deep Sonic Flow Of Club House, Electro, Minimal & Techno that moment happens; something cuts through the system like a shot of sorbet directly down your spinal cord. The confusion lifts, the haze turns to clarity and suddenly you see your fellow audience with fresh eyes, all synchronised in movement at the most primal level.
A favourite producer of Lucidflow, Dub Taylor is the deeper, dubbier alias of Alexander Tigerskin Kruger best known for his releases across the highly regarded Dirt Crew, Morris Audio, Dessous imprints to name a few.
Atmosphere and context is key, especially in the opening duo of Berlin and 'Epilogue. On the former, peer past the succinct clicky percussion and through the curtain of plucked string melodies, and you will find yourself in rapture to undulating waves of grey mist. This overcast texture varies from light to dark, creating colour from none, but always consistent in melancholy.
Little is known about this quartet of Swedish producers but what is undeniable fact is their ability to lay out some serious percussive grooves. Already a staple in Lucidflow co-owner Nadja Lind's sets, it is 100% tracky material. The kick punches hard, driving a simple breakbeat that sits underneath it, while a low bass line writhes down low and a held airy tone drifts up above.

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