Bar 25 Music: Remixed (2018)

Bar 25 Music: Remixed (2018)

Artist: Various Performers
Title: Bar 25 Music: Remixed
Label: Bar25 Germany
Style: Funky, Downtempo, Minimal, Electronica, Beach House
Release Date: 12-10-2018
Format: CD, Compilation
Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Codec: MP3
Tracks: 20 Tracks
Time: 02:27:54 Min
Size: 343 MB

01. Canu, Nu, Alejandro Castelli - Mariposa (Viken Arman Remix) 9:24
02. Dirty Doering - I Would (Marcus Meinhardt Remix) 7:42
03. Gab Rhome - Miami Rice (Lee Jones Remix) 6:53
04. Nu Feat. Joke Acid Pauli's Let It Be Naked Remix - Who Loves The Sun (Acid Pauli's Let It Be Naked Remix) 6:12
05. Francesca Lombardo - Young Tears Navid (Tigerskin Remix) 7:47
06. Oceanvs Orientalis - Tarlabasi (Be Svendsen Remix) 9:06
07. Vom Feisten - Toilet Tales (Ale Castro, Rhythm & Substance Remix) 7:29
08. Matchy & Bott - Backwind (Beatamines Remix) 7:29
09. Benno Blome - Spherical Aberration (Jiggler Remix) 6:26
10. Eliahh Feat. Valentine Sascha Braemer Remix - The Past (Sascha Braemer Remix) 7:24
11. Franksen, Rafa Zoe - Soul Massive (Youandme Remix) 7:18
12. False Image Feat. Marc Deon Markus Homm Remix - Our Chasm (Markus Homm Remix) 7:37
13. Oceanvs Orientalis Feat. Idil Mese Acid Pauli's Papito Remix - The Cube (Acid Pauli's Papito Remix) 6:30
14. Philip Bader, Nico Stojan - Rootsa (Lee Jones Remix) 7:41
15. Matt John - Hello Again (Andre Galluzzi Remix) 7:43
16. The Cheapers Feat. Meggy Smash Tv Remix - Too Late (Smash Tv Remix) 6:46
17. Wareika - Red Sun Into The Forest (Mathias Kaden Remix) 7:26
18. Basti Grub - Catalaya (Steve Nash Remix) 7:25
19. Benno Blome Feat. Rachele M.In & Chriss Vogt Remix - Go Loose (M.In & Chriss Vogt Remix) 6:20
20. Freedarich, Stiggsen - Cross Country (Lexy Remix) 7:17

Bar 25 Music: Remixed (2018)

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Featured are excellent artists auch as Viken Arman, Tigerskin, Be Svendsen, Jiggler, Acid Pauli, Sascha Braemer, Lee Jones, Beatamines, Markus Homm, Steve Nash, Andre Galuzzi, Smash TV, Mathias Kaden, Marcus Meinhardt, YouANDme, & Chris Vogt, Lexy, Ale Castro and Rhythm & Substance. The compilation naturally keeps up the musical tradition of timeless and multifaceted electronic music. Each song tells its own small story and manages to produce a "Best Moment". Absolutely worth listening to!

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