ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 244 (2019)

Альбом: ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 244
Производство: Zhyk Group
Стиль: Tropical, Indietronica, Club, Groove, Progressive, Melodic, House
Дата / год выпуска: 25-12-2019, 2019
Треков: 25
Продолжительность: 01:45:53

Karinzio, Alex Sheronov, Sam Feldt, Borgeous, Tiesto, Polyed
ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 244

25 ДЕКАБРЯ 2019

Winter, New year's eve release of ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 244, with positive motives and energetic, bright mood for everyone and for every taste!
We are delighted to welcome Russia-based artist PoLYED to Emergent Shores with a fantastic track. Aint Deep Enough is the first track to come off of Autografs forthcoming album The Ace Of You which revolves around a deck of cards as our own life story. Taking the orignal and strip it down to something really different as he has written this as a downtempo production. There is so much atmosphere and quality textures written for it and we just can't help ourselves here, but we do adore this one so much, heartwarming material from Stefan! Classics fans have nothing to fear, as the original's heartfelt, cathartic vocals still shine amid soundscapes where delicate melodies concinnate with a muted progressive bassline. The soothing piano lead of the melody in the background set sail in the intro and the wind blows us out to sea where the progressive house is eminent, and the sun is glowing on our skin for extra warmth to strengthen the heat in the tune.

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