ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 264 (2020)

Альбом: ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 264
Производство: Zhyk Group
Стиль: Future House, Groove, Funky, Club, Indietronica, Progressive, Melodic, Tropical
Дата / год выпуска: 10-11-2020, 2020
Треков: 21
Продолжительность: 01:28:46

ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 264
Nils Van Zandt, Jay Frog, Jason Parker, Lukas Dreyers

10 НОЯБРЯ 2020

The Neo Disco saga continues. And like the best tv shows, it takes a flashback break before coming back again towards ever more ambitious scenarios: return to Lemonade, one of the tracks that established the reputation of the French DJ and producer on the best dance floors. Just take your shoes off, close your eyes and drop his newest tune and you will feel the water covering your toes, the sun shining on your chest and hear the indistinct talking of the sun-soaking people. This is summer, this is fun, this is what we all are desperately missing. 1st Strike is excited to release the brand-new track Again And Again by Italian producer duo Luke B & LVGA. Laden with powerful sounds, atmospheric vocals and a no-nonsense, club-tailored attitude, Say My Name makes for an unforgettable experience in any kind of dance floor environment. Repurposing a famed alternative rock anthem for dancefloor audiences, Losing My Religion brings a euro-dance flavour to the mix with a four-to-the-floor rubbery groove alongside it. Much like the original, this dancey redo is infectious thanks to the iconic melody.

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