ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 239 (2019)

Альбом: ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 239
Производство: Zhyk Group
Стиль: Tropical, Indietronica, Club, Groove, Progressive, Melodic, House
Дата / год выпуска: 10-10-2019, 2019
Треков: 21
Продолжительность: 01:44:09

*Yell Larry, Jarah Damiel, Hina, Basto, 2planet, D.Ramirez*
ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 239

10 ОКТЯБРЯ 2019

ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 239 (10-10-2019) | 01:44:09 - слушать онлайн

The participants of the collection ConfiG Sound Top are talented performers in their creative directions! The Italian prodigy Blanee teams up with Dutch sensation Jarah Damiel to bring us a nice summer vibe to our release schedule. Check out the official for our track YOUNGER starring myself, HRVY and Sommer Ray! Stream! I Got You is an uplifting anthem about the power of human connection, in a world that sometimes seems to fall apart in negativity. Delivering an exceptional release for his full Shores debut, this is Mark Digital with his brilliant Beachcomber. Both tracks provides with different vocal parts, In Your Eyes shares with a hint of nostalgic sounds yet melodic and atmospheric! After a scorching summer its time to cool off with yet another epic and long-awaited collab, this time from Mark & Lukas and Alex H, with Dolomites. Shady is a progressive dream with deep chords, lush pads, and a sizzling lead. It breaks into an elegant piano piece before rising into a summer breeze.

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djtami Офлайн 1 ноября 2019 20:48
thank you very much!

thank you for the music!
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