Best Config Top (2018)

Альбом: Best Config Top
Производство: Zhyk Group
Стиль: Tropical, Groove, Indietronica, House, Melodic, Progressive, Bounce, Hands Up
Дата / год выпуска: 29-12-2018, 2018
Треков: 125
Продолжительность: 07:55:05

Best Config Top (29-12-2018, 2018) | 125 | 07:55:05 - слушать онлайн

The result of a creative, rich and productive year. Large-scale selection has collected worthy works that for 12 months delighted you from release to release ConfiG! Sound Top. All this gives an overall picture at the sound level in a sufficiently high quality selection! Sounding diverse dance music, there is a pre-holiday move to fun celebrations! Stylistics also signifi- cantly personifies diversity in genre navigation. Welcome to the new year with already selected, high-quality hits. A unique publication of club music by worthy and very famous producers and performers of our modern times! To new successes in the coming light and saturated. Forward!

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