ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 210 (2018)

Альбом: ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 210
Производство: Zhyk Group
Стиль: Groove, Tropical, Reggae Fusion, Balearic, Progressive, Hardstyle, Bounce, Hands Up
Дата / год выпуска: 25-07-2018, 2018
Треков: 35
Продолжительность: 02:37:36

ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 210
*Balloon Zero, Greg Bannis, Pitbull, Blaikz, Daimon Dance*

25 ИЮЛЯ 2018

ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 210 (25-07-2018, 2018) | 35 | 02:37:36 - слушать онлайн

By summer, a hot, positive and sufficient melodic selection! Joint work of selection of works and line-up with Zhyk Group! For this time of the season an excellent project ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top gathered a lot of excellent data from the performers, the most different musical direction! In the component of which two parts are displayed, the first: ConfiG Sound Top of which is the standard updated compositions for the last, insignificant period of time. The second set of tracks: Hands Up Sound ConfiG July is a jolly musical stream from hard dance to hard bass and hardstyle style! Edition: ConfiG Q-B! Sound Top 210 is a variety of stylistically useful material, which is, however, a possible platform, simply decipher. This is how you can use your collections and archive. And a non-familiar apprehension definitely sustainable attitude!

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