Overhead Flow Energetic (2018)

Альбом: Overhead Flow Energetic
Производство: Zhyk Group
Стиль: Susceptive, Harmonic, Tuneful, Emotional, Melodic, Energy, Blissful
Дата / год выпуска: 30-10-2018, 2018
Треков: 21
Продолжительность: 02:25:42

Overhead Flow Energetic (30-10-2018, 2018) | 21 | 02:25:42 - слушать онлайн

Refined selection and numerous functionality of diverse genres of navigation in the perfected tracks of this formation. Edition: Overhead Flow Energetic displays a variety of stylistic content of the material, that is, will be, and perhaps will be, just a discovery. With the support of performers Sunset and Alphasweden, Dave Leyrock, Jimmy Chou, Akku, Sergey Shabanov, Kiyoi and Eky the contrast of this selection is filled. As well as an addition to your collection and archives. And undoubtedly the acquisition of a definitely sustainable mood! Awesome energy in melodic tracks, giving rise to emotional reflection! Excellent performers lead sound stylistics in the direction of real euphoria and unforgettable quality transitions! All this gives a general picture at the sound level in a sufficiently high quality selection!

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